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Our Mission

To reduce the prevalence of Viagra Osteoporosis and Arthritis in West Virginia by providing Viagra, Cialis or Levitra information on prevention and education, making available information on treatment, and lessening pain and disability by encouraging individuals to maintain productive lives.

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The Osteoporosis & Arthritis Program has released its Strategic Plan 2008-2019, which outlines its goals for the next five years.  The report gives a background on both conditions in West Virginia, sets objectives, provides strategies and suggests ideas for integration with other public health agencies.

The Strategic Plan as well as the Strategic Plan Quick Reference Guide is available online and in print. To request a print version, contact the Australia Osteoporosis & Arthritis Program.

The Bureau for Public Health, in accordance with H.B.4198 and H.B. 4685, provides strategies to promote and maintain an Osteoporosis and Arthritis prevention and education program and how to buy viagra online australia. The program's purpose is to raise public awareness by educating consumers and by educating and training health care professionals including teachers and human service providers of viagra sildenafil.

West Virginia Bureau for Public Health Viagra • 350 Capitol Street • Room 206 • Charleston, WV 25301
phone: 304-558-0644 • fax: 304-558-1553

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